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New and better news2016-12-20 11:04:18

Note that we are working

After an attack suffered yesterday, we came back even more invigorated and intended to create a platform that pleases all kinds of investors, some updates have been made on the platform to perfect our way of working!

Note that we also made some updates on our site that were not according to our current work mode, during the course of our updates that information was getting outdated -

Are they :

"Our Faq,
-A few items from our About,
-A few items from our home.

Among other changes that are not noticeably noticed -

This evening we will be increasing our power against DDoS attacks, so we can stay a few minutes off the air, no time greater than 5 minutes, be sure to be informed about this!

We also have a chat room for our users to exchange information about each other on our platform, aiming at the integration of creating bonds among all our users

We are also about to install our EV - so there may be some delays, but nothing serious, if this happens, it will have a worker operating manually for this period, after EV is deployed on our site, everything will return to normal.

We noticed that during the attack and during this period we had working on the platform, no errors or losses were detected to the users, this makes us happy, because we were able to return to work safely and quickly!

We are here doing a contained job and with this we were not having many flow, I believe that from now on this will change!

During the Attack, our verification of McAfee has been affected, we are contacting support and have made an update to the plan in question, and within days, it will be back as normal!

On the contrary, this first DDoS attack seems to have brought us luck, so we updated some important points that were getting lost! Luck !

We appreciate the understanding of all users and investors and look forward to more news from us - Great future for us "Let's walk together and we will not disband!

Team WolksBit Trade Bitcoin Company Limited -

Updates on Our Plans and Bids - WolksBit Trade Bitcoin Company Limited2016-12-17 10:30:49

After several complaints about the duration and percentage of our plan and seeing that it was not being accepted, we inform that the percentage values
Offered and also the investment term has changed, almost nothing will be affected on the investment plan, but in this new phase the principal amount invested can not be returned as in the previous plans, thus joining the principal amount with the profit value and being paid During the duration of the plans.

New integrated plans:

3.0% for 50 Days = 150% (100% Initial and 50% Profit)
3.6% for 50 Days = 180% (100% Initial and 80% Profit)
4.2% for 50 Days = 210% (100% Initial and 110% Profit)
4.8% for 50 Days = 240% (100% Initial and 140% Profit)

Note that this change was necessary so we can adjust to the values
Paid by other programs, we keep our promise of payments and greetings, as said, this does not affect at any point our planning
However, it will not be possible to make a return of the amount invested at the end of the plan,
It is now close to the total amount received daily within the flat duration!

To the users that make the deposits in a certain plan, the gains will now refer to the new percentage values ​​generated by the plan!

All other points continue as before, without change in any other
Look, we apologize to users who did not like the previous plans
However we are open-minded and we understand that every user has the right to state his or her opinion and we have listened to some of them who came by the support to report the
Your opinion on the plans - Let's thank you for the criticisms and because of this
We updated the plans! I hope it will please everyone!

Team WolksBit Trade Bitcoin Company Limited

​We are ready for our beginning2016-12-15 08:04:59

After about 1 month after starting all the preparations for the beginning of our work to get our platform online to work, we have reached the point where we are prepared both professionally and psychologically to make ON our work online with external investors, Today was a day Of great happiness for us when we saw our efforts rewarded, We can already advance that in a few months we will launch an advanced version of our system, we have 2 of our best officials working on it from the beginning of the year!

We were granted Yesterday, December 14th, to our Company, Our Company number is: 10524338. Our Happiness!

We have only one last stage to face, the implementation of Our EV, this one comes within 15 Days, our plans were to start with everything on top for our users, but if we were to wait the 15 Days, we would launch our platform on the Day of Christmas and New Year, so we decided to start a few days early, but we have an SSL pardon on the domain that also reinforces the security used in our site, We will always be able to update our security system until we launch our version higher than this one presented here !

Throughout the process of testing and preparation, we had the true understanding that we have in our hands a system that really works and can safely bring comfortable incomes for both us and our users, note that when we were really sure that our robot would go Providing the negotiation services really did bring profit, so we decided to bring the news of our planning commencement, so before we even generated the planning news, we were already working on the test. So we get to the point that, We will manage the values ​​of our Robot and share the profits!

Being the first Official Contact on Our site, I would like to say that we are really interested in hearing all about your doubts, your critiques so that we can improve our work, your suggestions or any other matter that may arise, we have an agent working in support of the Users who will support all our users, doing their utmost to bring a quick solution for everyone!

Thanks in advance to all who will be part of our walk, our investors and others, About promoters and other HYIPS monitors, we have the knowledge that they help us a lot to take our word to the general public, but we will not make any kind of payment Out, what we are willing to do is to grant a special account type with a special percentage and in some cases grant a bonus AFTER we are already consolidated, we are preparing an account with higher percentage values, Really this HYIP or Promoter has the ability to generate a good flow of traffic and also investment, A All HYIP's Monitors and Promoters, register on our platform and contact us through our Ticket system and we will provide the additional information ASAP !

We know that we have chosen one of the worst seasons for us to launch officially, due to the Christmas and New Year periods, but we believe that together we can bring good results on our work and our platform, so feel confident in us and we will spend Christmas together, New Year and all year round 2017!

Within a while, as soon as our reliability and work are consecrated and our roots are planted on the ground, we will launch a new service for new HYIP's - Or, you will have the opportunity to create a new HYIP site and use our platform to generate the gains To be paid to users, or Be the HYIP Administrator, will bring the investments to us and we will offer a differentiated earning bonus and the Guaranteed Payments Guarantee!

For now what we have to bring to the Public is that! We count on the contribution and understanding of all and we are ready to clear any doubts!

Until the next contact! Team WolksBit Trade Bitcoin Company Limited!

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